About the Roarin' Ramblers - they will be invited back for a future date.

For decades, each member of the Roarin’ Ramblers has played in various incarnations of Dixieland/Roarin' 20's-style jazz bands. They came together this year to form The Roarin' Ramblers.

Considered the cream-of-the-crop for this style of music in Fairfield County, the band is looking forward to recreating the music that, 100 years ago, brought a recovering nation a new hope and spirit.


The 2020 spring season. All programs begin at 3 p.m. Parking is at the Golf Course lot. Shuttle available.

[Canceled] April 5     Roarin' Ramblers - a  six man brass and drum band    

April 12   EASTER

[Canceled] April 19  Rick Spencer and Dawn Indermuehle look back at some of the significant events of 1970 

[Canceled] April 26  Beatrice Long,  Solo Pianist 

[Canceled] May 3    Chris Monty returns to Richter

[Canceled] May 10  Madera Wind Quintet 

[Canceled] May 17 Brenda Earle Jazz singer/pianist

[Canceled] May 24  Abbey Road Rumours- 60's and 70's hits, from the Beatles to Fleetwood Mac ...3 man band  

[Canceled] May 31   Eric Clark, Pianist and  Jung Won Yoon, violinist Classical music


All programs are partially funded by the
Danbury Cultural Commission.

 Richter House, 100 Aunt Hack Road in Danbury

Bill Crow on tuba and Roger Post on drums create one of the best swinging rhythm sections, with the addition of Gim Burton's driving banjo rhythms and Nick DeVito on clarinet, Lewis Green on coroney and Craig grant on trombone to complete the sound on the horns.

Stanley L. Richter Association for the Arts

Past programs can be viewed on You Tube.