Richter Arts provides regional and world class entertainers an intimate venue to perform.

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Richter Arts invites members to show their artwork every spring and has a Juried Art Show every fall. Please contact our visual arts chair if you are interested in a solo or group exhibition.

Located in Danbury, CT,

Richter House is listed as an historic building

Our dedicated volunteers work closely with the artists and the community to ensure quality entertainment.

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A big thank you goes out to all the people who helped make our 40th Annual Juried Art Show a success. We received quite a number of compliments and many are looking forward to coming back next year. 

This year's show was dedicated to the memory of two of our most beloved members, Ben DaSilva and Millie Siegel. Family members spoke warmly about them at the award ceremony.

We thank all the artists who entered the show, our two jurors who did a phenomenal job, Mary Ann Meken-Silvestri and Adele Moros and our pianist, James Russell.  Also, the volunteers, Jean DaSilva, Elise Jaeger, Betty Bontempi, Eileen Coladarci, Maisi Summ, Jill & Harry Kuhn, Stefanie Mischner, Tony Carvalho, Ron Turri, Susan Roberts, Mary Lou Johnston, Judy Griemsmann and our videographer, Richard Teasdale. We couldn't have put on such a fine show without them.

If any Richter members are interested in helping out at art shows, please let us know. We are at the house most Sundays for performances or you can call 203 744-0427 or 203 748-7046. Thank you very much.

Betty Clark and Arline Corcoran   Visual Arts Chairpersons