Our dedicated volunteers work closely with the artists and the community to ensure quality entertainment.

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Board of Directors

Richter Arts provides regional and world class entertainers an intimate venue to perform.​

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Richter Arts invites members to show their artwork every spring and has a Juried Art Show every fall. Please contact our visual arts chair if you are interested in a solo or group exhibition.

Located in Danbury, CT,

Richter House is listed as an historic building

Stanley L. Richter Association for the Arts

Reminder: All memberships expire Dec. 31 (except life members)

Senior Member:          $20
Senior Couple:             $30
Student:                        $20
Individual Member     $30
Family Membership   $45
Life Member               $350
Benefactor                   $400 and up

Everyone had a great time as the Berkshire Jazz Orchestra performed during the first Richter House Hat Contest.

The winner of our hat contest was Ronnie Smith.

Plan to attend and win next year!

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